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We tell stories on wheels.

Volante Automotive is a content production company, founded by
Frederik Herregods (Frederik Herregods Photography) and
Jonas Van Gestel (TheBlackbox.org).

We are a visual content studio, focused entirely on creating premium lifestyle content for marketing, advertising and PR. We deliver the professional photo and video content your automotive brand needs.

Some recent projects

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Things we can do for you.


With almost ten years of experience in commercial photography, we are always prepared to cover Press/PR/marketing stills, advertising as well as events and motorsport. We aim to capture your products and people at their best angle.

Video production

Cars are usually on the move, so we capture them in gorgeously dynamic videos, highlighting their unique characters. We have over 15 years of experience in creating high-end motion content for broadcast and online media.

Aerial footage

The eye in the sky has the best view of all. That’s why we have two fully trained and licensed (class 1) drone pilots in our production crew, always ready to capture breathtaking aerials and high speed action in crystal clear quality.


Every brand has its own story and we can definitely help you tell yours. An image might tell a thousand words and video can even tell you 25 times more – every second. But sometimes a few carefully chosen words are all it takes to convince your audience.

Social Media

Social media can make or break your brand. Social channels need a constant feed of top quality content in order to grow. We create and distribute social media content and build a vivid online community around your brand’s channels.


Our team comes from a lot of different backgrounds, with loads of experience in journalism, advertising, animation, video, photo and graphic design. With our fresh set of eyes we’d love to collaborate with you to come up with some new and interesting ideas.

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